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Alu-Pods for Midrange and Tweeters MOREL SUPREMO PICCOLO



Spheres-Alu-Pods for Midrange and Tweeters

Installation Number: KU100KUST

The set includes:
1. Pods ø 100 mm for Midrange with mounting set M13x1
2. Pods for Tweeters with mounting set M13x1.
The loudspeakers are attached to the pods with the help of the screws. The pods can be attached to the A-pillar with the M13x1 mounting set. Mounting WITHOUT original Grills.


//Loudspeakers are not included in the scope of delivery//

Alu-Pods for Midrange and Tweeters MOREL SUPREMO PICCOLO

SKU: SET-0007
199,00 €Price
VAT Included |

ValiCar offers you a perfect complement to your speakers. With the high quality of the different pods, rings and the matching accessories, you get an excellent stereo sound image, as well as a perfectly rounded overall picture.

To attach the loudspeaker to the pods, grub screws, rings or mounting bolt circles are already included in the scope of delivery, depending on the installation option. For attachment to the car, depending on the version, you will also receive a mounting set.